Atrocitus​/​Ex​-​Breathers Split

by Ex-Breathers

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Split with Atrocitus. Download their side at:

Recorded by Lee Folmar and David Settle
Mixed by David Settle
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering


released June 20, 2012

Jack Vermillion - Bass/Vocals
David Settle - Guitar/Back-Up Vocals
Adam Berkowitz - Drums



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Ex-Breathers Tallahassee, Florida

hardcore punk from planet z

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Track Name: Blackhole
let's get the hell out of here
'cause there's a million better places that we could be
and no one would go but us
to where the cries are alive
and we won't waste our time
doing nothing we want to do
so come with me
it's fading fast
let's watch the long road run
Track Name: Drugs
the sun is dying, the clouds are crying,
the earth is spinning, but we can't feel it at all
we're all fucking junkies with bills on our counters
pills in our stomachs, and wine in our glasses to make us forget it
how do i get off these drugs? how do i get to sleep?
take more drugs
Track Name: Burn
sick of fire, sick of flame
burning, don't even know my name
so long i've waited for it
burn out and get over it
while it's still there
is it me or is your flame
burning brighter than ever before?
now that you've got something to burn
spit it out and start a war
you'll start a war
seems to me the blaze is at it's peak
and i won't burn
nowhere to go but nowhere
sinking as we speak
and i won't burn
Track Name: Anti/Grav
running in place
anti-gravity drawing up high
floating feet down
no gained ground
head in the clouds
can't get around
but even if i could
where would these worn out soles take me?
disdain turns to jealousy
wish i could tell myself which way to go
an apple just fell on my head
and i don't know what to make of it
Track Name: Northbound
mighty clouds remind me of a time when the streets wouldn't worry me
one of the only things i can still bear to smile at
luckily we got out while the getting was still only half good
fact unrealised, but came quickly with time
“go die somewhere else”? fuck that, you can have it
no point in caring about a place that's slowly killing
everything i shouldn't have ever loved
this place is dead now, just like you
Track Name: Sleep
gone down, low feelin, no ground to stand in
surround completely, the sun, no sleeping now
tired and restless, forever i'm helpless
four years, no crying, good boy now dying
home will never be the same
i feel like i'll feel like this forever
Track Name: Backwards
you're still calling backwards for something once not said
i don't remember a thing
you scream a fighting curse, no mercy on my head
a nice home when you leave
if you need me, i'll be outside
because today the sun shines especially bright
and you won't see a thing, but i will
the realization comes too creeping slow along
now here comes the hard part, or so you thought
if you need me, i'll be outside
if youre looking for me, i'll be alive
it happened once, it won't happen again, not this time
pride is swallowed along with the rest
on a space for one, the past lied
creeping backwards, headed to the same dead end
you know you have to go back home