by Ex-Breathers

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released December 28, 2012

Adam - Drums
David - Guitar/Vocals
Jack - Bass/Vocals

Recorded Nov/Dec 2012 in our storage-shed practice space.
Mixed by David Settle
Mastered by Azimuth Mastering
Cover photo by Emily Barrett
Design by Jack Vermillion



all rights reserved


Ex-Breathers Tallahassee, Florida

hardcore punk from planet z

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Track Name: Bruise
Carelessness won't get to me
Words barely even reach
Won't get too far
Rubber knife could never shell
Or slice, maim, bleed
My flesh, mind, self

Suit yourself
Abandon help

This blood won't show no more
Civility's rotten core
Don't let struggle in
Only count on ourselves
The only ones we get for help

Not putting up a defense
Just walking away
Whatever it is that you want
I'm sure you already have it
I won't stand in your way anymore

If this motherfucker is resting
You bet it's in fucking peace.
Track Name: No Belief
Yes I am a stranger to God
But he is no stranger to me
Why must "his words" govern my life?

I've got no belief
I've got no control

We're strange to you
But you're no stranger to us
No belief is worth more than our lives

I've got no belief
I've got no control

Jesus died for somebody's sins, not mine.
Track Name: Passive Forms
Give me all that you know
I want to rip it apart
Take all the pieces
And make a new start

Mark this down
Predict, paralyze
Mark this down
Your caustic conversation...

You think you've got it all figured out
That you're in on the ground
Observer error overlooked
Mistaking stasis for a sound

But there's no headline
This is not a spectacle

Mark this down
Predict, paralyze
Mark this down
Your caustic conversation
It don't mean much to me
Because I've fallen for a sound

I don't want to know what comes next
Want it to hit me like a spark
A flicker from a failure
A brief shining shimmer
Feel it growing, form unknown
Your caustic conversation
It don't mean much to me

There's no line
You're not a spectator

Is this what you want,
To know what comes next?
Is this what you really want,
To dictate experience
But not feel it?
Track Name: Louder
Create a disease and spread it to me
Can't you see the look on my face?
No...or yes...but it's not my opinion you're after
Spit the answer right in my face
I didn't ask you a fucking question
Questions asked of me:
"Don't you want to be happy?
Ever care to be free?
We've got everything you need"
I have all i need
"What about what you want?"
What I want is nothing
"Come find a home in the screen"
You can't make me happy
"Come be part of the machine"
I can already see, nothing you got can set me free
And I won't be your disease

There's something breathing down my neck, it's getting louder than the other voices in my head.
Track Name: Screenhead
Sit in your room with the lights turned off
Nowhere to look or seek and find
Death creeping out from what you hung up
Now I don't think i see right
Square lights blinding my mind

From the window all the way to the door
I gotta find my way to fill this world

Hider, seeker, find your way just for a moment
I'm looking out, I'm peeking up
Clear my tired eyes, go look outside
See the sky for the first time
Now go, try to find it

I know it's hard to find another way to try
When it's so easy to hide it all behind

From the ceiling all the way to the boards
Gotta find my way to fill this world all the way
I'll flick the spark
I'll set the flame
I'll be the explosion
Track Name: Sink To Breathe
Cast out in a sea of outcasts
I was stuck standing there on the outskirts
Looking in

Real-life echoes, drowned in potential
I was caught dreaming, I caught myself dreaming
But I woke up when
I lost it all
I lost touch

I'm sinking down, I've got a problem

The rising sun never looked so good
As through broken waves
Distorted dawn drains amber daybreak
The brightest light, won't look away
I can't look back again
Track Name: Bliss
I fooled myself into thinking
That what I said
Could mean something to someone
But I realized that

We're trying hard not to rely on ourselves to have an idea
We're trying hard not to rely on ourselves

We're falling backwards
Can't catch ourselves
We're falling backwards
Can't catch up

Keep dancing around
Ignore the sound
Keep dancing around
Keep marching to the beat

I keep finding that we're in some sort of rut
But no one wants to hear it, better left unsaid

But silence is ignorance
And ignorance is...
Track Name: 81
The wild grows and the children know
With words "chin up, chin up" they say
For the clouds offer an apology
Threw my eyes to the sky and it read bright blue:
"Time is truth when it comforts you"

A kiss from the fall above
Speaks to blood that's had enough

Shining light of your memory
Still showing faces through
Illuminates footsteps behind me
Learning to close the eyes in the back of my head

They only show an ancient truth
Kisses left from yesterday's sun

Run away
Track Name: Collision
I'm so refined
All straight lines
I'm so refined
No corners cut
I'm so refined
No soul in sight

No lookin up
You go lookin back
You're not lookin

Sit in the front
Eyes straight ahead

Blood turnin black
Eyes full of glass

Device, no life
And now he says it's cold
Longing for the warmth
Of the flesh traded in for steel

I'm so sick of standing still to the sound of smoke
I want to be forced by fire to feel something
Track Name: Second Voice
I could tell you how to feel a thousand times
You wouldn't listen once
For all the ways that I've tried
I've found myself running to false comfort that lies behind

Every day for the past ten years I've been asking you where to go
But your bleeding lips are sealed, no help at all
But I can do this on my own, new ground with the growth cut down
Second voice in a different language
My ears are ringing from the silent sound

Hold it like a child
Singing sweet into mother's arms
Hold it like a child
Mama bird don't chirp no more

There's always someone screaming
Killing their dreaming
Begging warmth from mercy's arms
The signs don't say stop at all
With the scream's work increasing
Howl's voice forever screeching
Take a look at this monster's bed
Lying in vain for a silent head

And here lies a dream
A fantasy that some call life
Walking forward, a new night dawns
Monster's voice soon to fall silent

There's a man going around taking names
It's getting easier to see his face
He lives next door
He lives next door
He lives in your own fucking bedroom
Train your eyes to close
Train your eyes to close
Train your eyes...
Track Name: Time-Lapse
This day will not pass
If you let it consume you it will destroy your life

Let go
Pray for night
The onset of darkness
As backdrop for
Crooked thoughts
And coward's comforts
Let it all go

We've all grown tired of
This day to night
These months to years

Where movements took minutes
Now seconds suffice
It's all too fast now
It's all a blur
Let's slow it down
Everything's a blur
Let's slow it down

It's coming down now

Blurred existence
Time-lapse life