by Ex-Breathers

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released October 7, 2014

Adam - Drums
David - Guitar/Vocals
Jack - Bass/Vocals

Recorded and mixed by David Settle
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Album art by Stephen Shrewsbury
Released on Texas Is Funny Records



all rights reserved


Ex-Breathers Tallahassee, Florida

hardcore punk from planet z

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Track Name: Big Hand
Big hand from the sky
Gouging out my eyes
Breathing fire into my
Empty lungs, I’ll listen
Track Name: Want
My mind’s abuzz, won’t fade to black
Stuck to the ceiling
My eyes, always looking back
Spinning straight through my skull
Muttermouth words fall to the floor
Admit it’s a start and run
No return
No looking back
My mind, always in motion
Spinning straight through my skull
Muttermouth words float to the ceiling
Admit it’s a start and don’t look back
Track Name: Pocket
Held captive by handheld masters
Stuck in a created world
Created to subdue
Due for an end

Day’s a waste for a taste of the product
Addicted to a steady stream of shit
Destroy the day we say we save

Empty your pocket
Lose direction
Empty your pocket
Loosen the grip
Track Name: Invisible Man
I’m the invisible man
I’m walking through walls
No fun at all
Track Name: Stuck
At the end of the day
I can’t say just how I feel
In simple terms

And I know that there’s a way
But I can’t make it real
I think I’ll stay inside

Sometimes it’s good to be alone
Wish I could go outside
Right now I shouldn’t be alone
Track Name: Off/On
Here it is again
This fucking void in my head
This is not a fashion
This is not romantic
No one should want this
You do not want this
Track Name: Flowers
Line drawn on the floor
Step over it a little more
I worry about the next
Things coming out of your head
When you let them out

Digging nails into my flesh
Put my patience to the test
It’s getting shorter
When i hear you let them out

The mind is a tangled box
Filled with chatter
The words your say turn into rocks
In my head and I’ll let them out

Give me just a little more
Track Name: Void
I see you crawling out from underneath that dark space
Unkempt, glazed stare, and a mind dissolved
I see you... I know that place
Quiet and alone, edge of nothing
Reaching out... waiting…
Track Name: JC
Resting in a stranger space with no sun to see
Falling to sleep on the back of a beast
Trying not to let this leash go too far

Because I never know what the next explosion will mean
To anybody out there, or to me

Fighting when the feeling fades
Fighting when the hunger wanes
Fun is not enough
A single transmission
A signal not received
Fun is not enough, leave the beast, go home and sleep
A cursory abstraction
Track Name: Auto-Correct
Airbrush the blemish
Blot out the sun
This age of perfection
Is holding a gun
To my head
When I see your face
It makes me want to hide
From my own judgement
From everyone else’s eyes
I am imperfect
So are you
Track Name: Drop
I can’t make the words come like you
Looking for truth in the sky
Rain from above spits in my eye
Every time I breathe in again, I’m taking on water
Too much to drink, calling out as I sink faster
Until I learn how to swim again
Break the surface and see that
It’s just enough to breathe