Past Tense

by Ex-Breathers

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Adam - Drums
David - Guitar/Vocals
Jack - Bass/Vocals

You can purchase the record online at both of these sites:!releases/c1hbs


released October 23, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering
Album Art Design by Jack Vermillion
Cover Photo by David Settle
Released on Exploding In Sound Records and Hex Records


all rights reserved



Ex-Breathers Tallahassee, Florida

hardcore punk from planet z

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Track Name: Blank
Blank stare - blank stare
Does the blank stare back?
This is not my problem anymore
Smoke rises up from the sockets of my eyes
Crawling above from the flames in my mouth
I spit them out
Disappear with me now
Too late - I'm gone
Turning away is not so hard
Can I face the flames?
Smoke I am obscures that spark
I can't burn my eyes - no
Gone I'm gone I'm gone and I'm gone away
Running behind the firewall
Burning all of me away
Blank stare back
Track Name: Static Machines
Your art is boring, I don’t want no part of it
Real life is boring and I need this to exist
So kill the past, ‘cause it casts such an ugly shade
And I'm feelin change

Sing me to sleep
Kill my time
Pass me by
Fill my life with lies

Oh, I can tell it’s a lie
When I can’t tell it’s alive

Oh you got something to say?
Or are you just repeating?

well i’m feelin change
Track Name: Car
Say you’ve got a big idea
So spit it out
All this talk about your freedom
Whats it about?
Well now is not the time
For your eyes to lose focus
Unwind, spiral out
Pull the car over here
I see something ugly again
Turn it into myself
Before I fall into the sky again
A thousand wrong words
They all sound like you
They’ve never heard my name
Because talk is all they do
So pour all that bad blood
On all the air between you and me
Because you make me stick
I make myself stuck
Track Name: Open Source
A hundred faces
Lie illuminated
Oh your lips light them all

While I’m left blind to
My own direction
Tell me how this story goes
It goes

Recite, sight-unseen
(The story of)
Recite, sight-unseen
(The story of)
How I came to be
Of who I am
Of how this all ends
This is how it all ends

This fake clarity
I hear it over and over again

I’m losing interest/I’m failing to forget that I’m losing interest
Track Name: Existing To Remain
Existing to remain
Counting down the days
Existing to remain
Life’s the price you pay

Teetering on the edge
Of living and not dead

Breathing mimics the ticking of a clock
Beating heart, no thinking

Teetering on the edge
Of living and not dead

Racing away from some mistake
Remaining in this tired place
I’ve found you
Rationalize your lost days with old names and faces
You’re lost

See, here’s the thing
You’re not just stuck in some bad dream
You are here
Let go of all your hope
You’re gone
Track Name: Stand Still
This is not an end
Repeat signs hanging in the air
Two dots staring daggers
At the space on your sleeve where you used to wear your heart
Singing in style for the song
Staying in key like you believe
That this is where you belong
But don’t you get it wrong
Time only slows when there’s a stop
Seconds stretching out while you remember when you thought
When you thought

Life’s wasted on the dead
Life’s wasted on the dead
And you’re not dying yet

You’re still standing
So stop listening to your mind
Stop listening to past doubts
Stop listening to others
And just stand still
Track Name: Wired Weird
Tell me about all the figures
I don't care
Show me all ten of your fingers
Do they all work the same as mine?
I don't think I need you
Mr. plastic
Laughing static
Different planets
Tell it again to another
Someone who cares
They’re waiting for you around the corner
Already half dead
Track Name: Forced Binaries
Forced binaries
0s and 1s
Tried and true
Black and blue
Everything is two
Everything is two
Everything is two

Forced binaries
Distance and space
A to B
You to me
Everything is you
Everything is you
Everything is you

You're nothing
Track Name: Window
I pulled my skin clean from the bone
It said cut and clear in one single word
It said "quit"
I drew the air up off the ground
To hear another kind of sound - dynamic
No fear, all love
Window consumes wall
Everything that’s been built up
Spilled out now
Blood pressure erupt
I've got a million ways to spill all of myself the fuck out
Head crash into wall
Track Name: Thin Lines
Waves and patterns for all to see
Barely making sense to me
Fate locked inside a clutter
I made it all up again
Thin lines compose the commotion
Thin lines direction in motion
Thin lines will talk to me and tell me what
Is going on in my head
Thin lines build me castles out of sand
So where are the words that we deserve?
Creeping in shadows, exist in a blur
If you've got a light, then why take mine?
Blind stepping forward, alone i find...
Past tense resident
Existence in the dissonance
I'm alive inside beginnings
You're addicted to the distance
Track Name: Gravity Sewer
A moment in isolation
Picked apart to prove
The power of separation
Divide to dispel the truth

So bite your tongue clean off

Desaturate the conversation?
Shades of gray to hide the guilt
False motives and explanations
Blur to exonerate the filth

So bite your tongue clean off

Here we are on the wrong side of right
Trapped under foot and longing for light
They’re sending tanks and expecting a clean fight?

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